International scientific conference
"Modern problems of ornithology of Siberia and Central Asia"
Ulan-Ude, May 16 -19, 2000.


Buryat State university and Buryat Institute of general and experimental biology of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science conducts the first International scientific conference "Modern problems of ornithology of Siberia and Central Asia" in Ulan-Ude-city during the period of May 16 -19, 2000.

The following problems will be discussed at the conference:

  1. History and positions of ornithological research;
  2. Faunistica and systematica of birds;
  3. Evolution of birds and paleoornithology;
  4. Ornithogeography and birds population;
  5. Birds migration;
  6. Birds ecology;
  7. Protection and controlling birds behavior;
  8. Behavior and acoustics of birds;
  9. Birds ontogenesis;
  10. Birds parasites and medical ornithology;
  11. Birds and a human being;
  12. Humanitarian and social aspects of ornithology.

So as to take part in the conference You should send a thesis of your lecture on a diskette (with 1 copy of a written text) till February 20, 2000 or by e-mail to the address:

Russia, 670000, Ulan-Ude, 24a, Smolin St., Buryat State University, department of zoology, to Erdeny N. Elaev. Fax:(3012)21-05-88.
E-mail: tsydypⓐ; elaevⓐ

The thesis shouldn't exceed 2 pages, the text should be in Microsoft Win Word (type - Times New Roman Cyr, size of an indentation of a paragraph - 1,25, interval between lines - 1), language - Russian or English.

Model of the text's processing

.. , ..

, -,

T.Kh. Nikitina, V.Yc. Yeshycv

Buryal State University, Ulan-Ude, Russia

Annotation in Russian...

Text of thesis...

The title of a lecture should be printed in capital letters, 11 kegl, boldface type. First name, surname, patronymic - in an interval after the title of the lecture, small letters, 10, boldface. The name of organization, city, country - small letters, 10, italics. Annotation in English should be given for thesis in Russian (with giving the thesis title, first name, surname, patronymic and general content, which should not exceed 10 lines, small letters, 10).

Thesis should be applied with information about author(s) (First name, surname, patronymic, degrees, post, place of work, address for correspondence).

For opportune preparing and publishing materials of the conference and compensation of post expenses you should transfer the organizational dues - 50$.

Intermediary The Bank of New York, NY, USA
Cor. Acc. In intermediary bank USD 890-0057-610
Intermediaryfs SWIFT code IRVTUS3N
Beneficiaryfs Bank The Savings Bank of Russian Federation, USD 30302840000000600900 Buryat Office, Branch 6048, Ulan-Ude, Russia
Beneficiary customer SPEU "BIRD OF SIBIRIA"
To ben. acc. 40703840609160100308
Details of payment The organizational dues for conference

Ornithology of Siberia and Central Asia (annotated list)

For enlarging contacts among specialists of the region the Organizational committee is planning to publish the annotated list of ornithologists, working in Siberia and Central Asia, not depending on the fact of their participation in the conference. We would be grateful if you will answer and write to the address of the Organizational committee the information about you: first name, surname, patronymic, degrees, post, the main place of work, main scientific positions, address, telephones, fax. e-mail.

Please, inform your colleagues.

Telephones for contact:

Chairman - D. of Sc. in biology, professor Dorzhiyev Tsydyp Zayatuyevich,
work tel: (3012) 21-05-52, 21-15-80.
Vice-chairman - kandidat nauk in biology, senior lecturer Khertuyev Valery Nikitich,
work tel.: (3012) 21-15-93.
Secretary -kandidat nauk in biology, senior lecturer Yelayev Erdenv Nickolaevich,
home tel.: (3012) 41-19-10.