Planning on 1998 World Wetlands Day in Miyagi
February 2, 1998
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The planning for 1998 World Wetlands Day in Miyagi is basically following the 1997 activities. A series of 10 panels on the Wetlands in Miyagi region was prepared for 1997, and further 10 panels are planning to be prepared for 1998. New trial for 1998 will be a count of wild goose with participation of the public. The Ramsar World Wetlands Day Poster will enhance the awareness.

"Wetland Schools"
There will be held a series of educational classes at some sites of wetlands in Miyagi region on the World Wetlands Day. In those classes, it was expected to learn the functions and values of wetlands in the field and in the room.

Classes were open at 4 sites of wetlands [organiser(s)]:
  • Gamou Coast (Sendai city) [by SGA]
  • Lake Ohnuma (Sendai city) [by FLO]
  • Lakes Izunuma and Uchinuma [by Miyagi Prefecture and IUECF]
  • Nakadanuma Rice Fields (Nakada town) [by FAETK]
  • Wetland Panel Exhibition
    The Miyagi Prefectural Government, Miyagi Prefectural Izunuma - Uchinuma Environmental Conservation Foundation and Sendai City Science Museum will hold an exhibition of educational panels on Wetlands in Miyagi region.

    They exhibited these panels, in succession until the end of February, i.e.:
  • January 25 - February 1: Sendai City Science Museum
  • February 2-6: Entrance Hall in Miyagi Prefecture Office Building
  • February 7-28: Sanctuary Center of Lakes Izunuma and Uchinuma, a Ramsar Site (the office of Foundation)
  • "Wetland Counts"
    Wide are of rice fields in northern part of Miyagi supports a large numbers of wintering goose populations as their diurnal foraging habitats. INCA and JAWGP are planning to hold counts of wild geese on these rice fields with participation of the public on February 1st (Sunday), in order to enhance the awareness on the importance of these rice fields for the migratory waterbirds and on its biodiversity. Distribution of habitats used by wild geese is to be mapped and is to be reported on the website on the day.
    "Wetland Haiku"
    Haiku is a fixed verse form of 17 syllables arranged in a five-seven-five pattern, traditional in Japan. On February 1st (Sunday) near Lake Kabukurinuma, a Haiku party is to be held, where people enjoy composing Haiku having themes on wetlands, rice fields and waterfowl.

    List of organisations celebrating 1998 World Wetlands Day in Miyagi, Japan
  • Miyagi Prefectural Izunuma - Uchinuma Environmental Conservation Foundation (IUECF)
  • National and Local NGOs
    Forum on Agriculture and Environment in Tome-Kurihara (FAETK)
    Friends of Lake Ohnuma (FLO)
    Izunuma Nature Conservation Association (INCA)
    Japanese Association for Wild Geese Protection (JAWGP)
    Save Gamou Association (SGA)

  • Cooperation with:
  • Miyagi Prefectural Government
  • Sendai City Government

    Thankful support from:
  • Ramsar Bureau with World Wetlands Day Poster

    January 27, 1998, Yoshihiko Miyabayashi, JAWGP