World Wetlands Day 2001
in Miyagi
2 February 2001

Wetland world - A world to discover!

World Wetlands Day

values-fronta.jpg (6KB) Various organisations in the prefecture would like to celebrate the WWD 2001 with various activities as well as using original awareness materials and Ramsar official materials.

"Wetland Schools"

Staff and members of our organisations will assist the primary schools in a class or an educational programme especial on the wetland and environment around the World Wetlands Day.

Some organisations themselves will hold field works in some sites of wetlands, such as Gamou Coast (Sendai City) by SGA & SSM, and Lake Ohnuma (Sendai City) by FLO.

WWD 2000 sticker Wetland Panel Exhibition

The Miyagi Prefectural Government, Miyagi Prefectural Izunuma - Uchinuma Environmental Conservation Foundation and Sendai Science Museum will hold an exhibition of educational panels on Wetlands in Miyagi region, adding to the Ramsar official poster.

They exhibited these panels, in succession until the end of February, i.e.:

  • January 27 - February 12: Sendai City Science Museum
  • February 13-16: Entrance Hall in Miyagi Prefecture Office Building
  • February 17-28: Izunuma and Uchinuma Sanctuary Center, IUECF

  • List of organisations celebrating World Wetlands Day 2001 in Miyagi, Japan

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    21 January 2001, Yoshihiko Miyabayashi, JAWGP